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Houston, TX: Overhead garage doors are known to be secure, durable, customizable, easy to operate, and space-saving. However, like other garage door types, homeowners may encounter issues like strange noises, slow operation, or doors not opening or closing completely. Fortunately, Overhead Garage Door Repair has a team of skilled professionals ready to address these problems.

A common issue Overhead Garage Door Repair handles is fixing faulty cables and tracks. Since these parts help balance the door’s weight and enable it to move up and down, regular use can cause wear and tear that affects the door’s operation. This wear and tear may appear as frayed or loose cables, damaged or misaligned tracks, or blockages in the tracks. To resolve the problem and get things back on track, the team inspects the cables and tracks before making the necessary repairs.

In addition to its comprehensive garage door services, Overhead Garage Door Repair goes the extra mile by offering specialized remote and clicker repair solutions. These essential services are particularly vital following accidental damage, prolonged exposure to the elements, or consistent use. Signs of remote and clicker malfunction, such as unresponsiveness, delayed reactions, or unpredictable door operations, can be a source of frustration. However, clients can rest assured that the seasoned experts at Overhead Garage Door Repair possess the necessary experience, advanced technology, and skills to expertly repair and reprogram garage door remotes and clickers, restoring them to optimal functionality.

Furthermore, the team handles garage door spring repairs. Since springs are crucial in keeping the garage door balanced, they can snap unexpectedly, resulting in uneven movement, slower operation, or noisy sounds. Apart from fixing the damaged spring, the team adjusts the tension to maintain the right balance, applies lubrication to the springs to reduce friction and wear, and examines the entire system to confirm it is functioning correctly.

Overhead Garage Door Repair is the go-to company in Houston for speedy garage door opener repair and maintenance services. They assist property owners with squeaky, slow, and erratic garage doors. Clients facing issues with doors that won’t fully open or close can also contact the company through its website – https://overheadgaragedoorepairhouston.com/ for a complete evaluation and restoration.

In addition, the company offers maintenance services, helping clients prolong the lifespan of their garage doors and ensuring safety. Regular maintenance is also beneficial for enhancing the garage door’s energy efficiency and lowering repair expenses. Depending on the door’s condition, the professionals conduct a visual inspection, check its balance, tighten and lubricate bolts and moving parts, and conduct a professional assessment of the cables.

The company also installs new garage doors. Apart from ensuring all the components, such as springs, cables, drums, and rollers, are working perfectly, the team ensures that the new door is tested to avoid surprises and inconveniences. Additionally, the company helps clients make informed choices when it comes to selecting the ideal garage door material for curb appeal and durability.

Overhead Garage Door Repair is located in Houston, TX, 77072, US. Property owners interested in professional garage door repairs can contact the company at (346) 463-0655. Visit the website for more information.

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