First Summit Forum on New Silk Road in DFTZ Asia-Pacific Region at Angkor Wat, World Heritage Site

With the trend of global commodity digitization in block chain and the landing of digital commodity application, the era of commodity digitization has come. In December DFTZ ,2020, the DFTZ Digital Free Trade Zone was formally established to create a great decentralized e-commerce ecology.

The DFTZ Digital Free Trade Zone will allow digital money to flow freely and beyond any nationality and regional restrictions within the scope of blockchain technology. Digital Free Trade Zone, dedicated to the free and unlimited flow of digital money.

DFTZ using the decentralized mutual trust mechanism technology of block chain, a low cost trust mode and a large cooperative network are constructed with intelligent contract code. And realized the value transmission of the network, for the DFTZ Digital Free Trade Zone to lay a solid foundation. The transmission of traditional Internet information is only the transmission of information copy, and the corresponding electronic commerce application also needs the central organization endorsement. And the DFTZ Digital Free Trade Zone has truly realized the value transmission of the network. With the help of intelligent contracts and real-world assets, DFTZ has unparalleled advantages over traditional e-commerce, which makes it impossible for both parties to manipulate contracts and greatly reduce transaction costs, execution costs and compliance costs. DFTZ has unparalleled advantages over traditional e-commerce.

At present, block chain technology in the industry mainly to research and development and explore commercial landing. market research institutions Gartner forecast that blockchain-based business will reach $100 billion by 2021. in addition to the financial industry, manufacturing and supply chain management, the e-commerce industry will bring a trillion-dollar potential market for blockchain.

To let more people know about our DFTZ Digital Free Trade Zone, the DFTZ Foundation held a cross-epoch “The First Summit Forum on New Silk Road in the Asia-Pacific region” in Angkor Wat, the world cultural site, in February 2021.

The DFTZ president kim speech mentioned that the DFTZ belongs to a new generation of digital certificates of goods, the platform ecosystem through the use of decentralized mining pools, intelligent contracts and other construction of a cross-chain commodity digital tokens. Ecological patterns of DFTZ commodity digitization include consumption mining, contract mining, inviting mining and mining machine. Through the DFTZ mining mode, users can dig from a variety of business channels to DFTZ, through a variety of forms can be converted into equivalent currency, in order to obtain returns.

DFTZ characteristics are: no quota limit, pay immediately; a coin a commodity is both material and money; logistics, gold flow, information flow three in one; consumers, speculation, investors will participate; the number of sales doubled, commodity digitization with its own financial attributes; Both business and team, to achieve consumer upgrading;

During the meeting, DFTZ president Kim highlighted our DFTZ Digital Free Trade Zone, Focus on seven directions :1, through free registration-to achieve data cluster function, 2. through mining machine – to achieve internal value – added function, 3. through contract transactions – financial leverage, 4. through the Digital Free Trade Zone-to achieve consumer circulation function, 5. through currency banks – to realize the circulation of transactions, 6. through the promotion of tourism industry-to achieve the function of currency circulation, 7. by linking finance and real industry-to achieve win-win development.

DFTZ Foundation shows that mobile Internet is still developing rapidly, and the world has been changing unprecedentedly. Mobile Internet is still affecting and subverting many industries. Alibaba, Taobao as the representative of the platform e-commerce model, can be called e-commerce 1.0 era. Later, JingDong, Tmall as the representative of vertical e-commerce model, called e-commerce 2.0 era. With the arrival of the sharing economy, the mobile social ecommerce model has been formed, which we can call the e-commerce 3.0 era. Sharing economy is still continuing, forming a shared e-commerce model, we can call e-commerce 4.0 era. Now we should enter the 5.0 era, commodity digitization era.

This DFTZ wealth trip, let all our elite participants full of harvest, and for our DFTZ Digital Free Trade Zone platform, more confidence.

DFTZ President Kim stressed that we are DFTZ building a real consensus mechanism, without any pre-digging and large capital hoarding, all DFTZ can only be generated from mining machines, we will build a belief in DFTZ, real faith.

At present, the global e-commerce market is still in a period of rapid growth, online shopping market size has reached $12 billion. In 2020, affected by the outbreak of new crown pneumonia ,” home economy “outbreak, e-commerce and other digital economy growth. With the rapid development of e-commerce, the DFTZ Digital Free Trade Zone, which is located on the whole network social recommendation trading platform, aims at the whole network supply chain, aiming at sharing quality life for more consumers and enterprises. In KOC mass coverage, model iterative innovation, supply chain and platform algorithm and other dimensions to establish their own core advantages, permeable market space is huge.

DFTZ president Kim said that as a DFTZ preacher, he would go all over every place with DFTZ family, personally participate in the sermon, only personally in the first line, is the most correct way to spread faith, I hope we can encourage each other together, Let DFTZ spread like love, because it is our pride.

DFTZ in hand, GM Global! Through the integration of the seven networks of the DFTZ platform, the DFTZ, becomes the universal currency in the circulation domain, and the possession of the DFTZ, has a master key leading to the door of wealth.

Future is the era of digital currency and non-cash payment. DFTZ the new Digital Free Trade Zone, it will also lead the application of digital currency to a new future.

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