What’s the highlight of DPL

Now the hot DPL LP liquidity mining can be said to occupy a large part of the current circle flow.From the first opening of mobile mining, we started to swipe the screen on the major media, and the circle of friends in the major communities has always maintained a general exposure rate.DPL, it can be said that actions have been continuous recently: first, the Dolphin Protocol consensus, the miners Union voted to close the USDT mine pool and the ETH mine pool, and now there is only one DPL-ETH mine pool left; almost at the same time, its operation team said that it would air drop candy to the community with high market heat from time to time.Then the miners found out that they had to face the first ten day cycle which had passed unconsciously!——The first production reduction has come quietly!

Why does DPL get so much media attention in the industry? Why does DPL have to swipe the screen again and again?

At present, the market has summed up six highlights of DPL mechanism

1 The total number of DPL is constant 3.6 million, and the total output per 10 days is reduced by 20%. At present, it is in the second stage, and the daily output of the whole network is 57600.It can be predicted that output will be less and less in the future.

② “Recommended” have a LP mobile miners recommended award.For the benign development of the community, but also in order to get more traffic on the course of DEFI, the project operation team can be said to have taken out the greatest sincerity.

③ LP miners earn multiple income, Uniswap exchange transaction fee, DPL reward and DPL appreciation.Participating in DPL-ETH LP liquidity mining can not only gain DPL simple appreciation, but also DPL rewards and multiple benefits such as sharing and withdrawing currency fees!

④ The DPL-ETH mine pool is concentrated in a specific mine pool. Only by cutting off the two ore pools with a small proportion, insufficient market consensus and insufficient flow, can we do great things with centralized flow!

⑤ Unique mechanism protection.The shield of machine gun pool can effectively slow down the impact of dug out DPL on the circulation market, and the income not released within 15 days will be swallowed up by the burning black hole, which effectively maintains the stability of the trend of the mobile market.

⑥ Burning black holes are scarce in circulation and deflation is rising.It is because of the existence of the burning black hole that some of the dug out DPLS will never enter the mobile market. As a result, the actual supply in the market does not have the final ideal state of 3.6 million, which brings deflation to the market to a certain extent from the supply side. In the long run, it will be conducive to the mobile market.

Now the technology of LP liquidity mining is mature enough, and the data in the market is also very transparent. Select high-quality team, long-term planning, in-depth research, and strong operation and maintenance team to ensure the mining work with high input-output ratio. Ordinary people can also enter the multi billion level storage market together, and all of us can carve up this cake and realize financial freedom as soon as possible in the future.I hope that on the way to achieve the small goal of trillion, I can accompany you to reach the peak of wealth and freedom!

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