Finfine aims to be the “Biggest Blockchain Ecosystem in 2021 and beyond”

Along with the pre-sale launch, Coinin trading platform will go live on December 5, 2020 as well. The very existence of Finfine is a testament to how the model it’s promoting works.Finfine aims to become the first blockchain-powered platform to pave way for users to collaborate on promising blockchain projects.

Finfine’s High frequency trading is a technique that involves specialized software and algorithms, high end computers, low-latency internet access and Up-to-the-moment market data in order to outpace all of the competition and allow for unique strategies not otherwise possible.

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a system in which algorithms and software make multiple trades per second and which offers a slew of benefits not available to regular traders.

HFT has existed long before cryptocurrency and is believed to make up as much as 80% of the volume in certain assets markets. Now however it is becoming a major factor in the world of decentralized assets as more and more institutional investors begin to take notice.

High frequency trading techniques and strategies can include colocation, market-making, arbitrage, pinging and news-based trading. Each option comes with costs and benefits, and not all strategies are always available to traders depending on market conditions. Finefine definitely offer new techniques that tech-savvy and keeping up to date with regulations will be essential as the cryptocurrency spaces evolves.

FinFine aim to keep all crypto lover assets safe!

iSave Wallet by FinFine

Digital Asset Wallet on journey to conquer Crypto world

With huge steps forward in recent years, Cryptocurrency market has become one of the most attractive industries in the world financial market. Yet, the rapid development has also entailed several issues. Among those, the most noticeable one is a lack of a comprehensive solution that meets multiple demands of investors, including making investment and payment, as well as using decentralised applications. This poses a challenge especially for rookie investors. Also, the gap in crypto market offers an opportunity for user-friendly and multifunction service packages, such as iSave Wallet, to grow.

Simplicity and user-friendliness

User experience is iSave Wallet’s top priority. Thus, iSave wallet aims at developing a simple and friendly user interface which can familiarise newbies  with cryptocurrency concepts.

iSave allows access from both PCs and mobile devices and is compatible with commonly-used operators, including iOS, Android and Windows PC. Therefore, it delivers a sychronised, continual and , free-of-charge experience to users.

Multifunction and convenience

Besides its common feature of sending and receiving Coins/Tokens, iSave has been adding more features, including accessibility to DApps, Staking, Lending and Decentralised Exchange (DEX). With these features, iSave looks to further promote decentralised finance.

For the sake of users’ convenience, iSave integrates a Fiat payment gateway allowing users to connect their bank account with the wallet to make investment and transactions in CryptoCurrency market without using a third-party application. iSave aspires to break down barriers between fiat and crypto currencies by processing deposit and withdrawal requests at a fast pace, which is expected to take out worry over complication in trading digital assets.

Safety and Security

iSave Wallet is a completely decentralised application through which users could manage their coins and tokens in ultimate privacy with multiple private keys being stored at once. iSave respects security and adheres to a strict principle of not logging in to users’ wallets and violating their private keys and information, or says, users take full control of their assets.

iSave, with its multi-layered security feature, is believed to be an exceptionally safe digital storage solution. It looks to become the most secured digital asset wallet in Crypto world.

All-in-one storage

iSave Wallet is capable of storing most Coins and Tokens available in the market as the wallet supports all current popular blockchain platforms. With a sole wallet, users’ financial management is greatly simplified yet still effective.

Exchanging and investment features

iSave Wallet attaches great importance to expanding its ecosystem to exchanges and crypto curency ventures. Indeed, not only does iSave aim at becoming a leading wallet in the market, it also allows users to directly conduct digital asset transactions, access crypto loans or ventures. It opens up a door to the future of crypto world, where users could carry out any cryto-related activities via a sole application. Once being successfully introduce, the all-in-one application will significantly save users’ costs, while offering them a continual and simple experience in crypto market.

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