TransWonder Unveils a Paradigm Shift in Crafting with Its Heat Transfer Vinyl

TransWonder is excited to provide its range of crafting vinyl for the craft industry. The heat-transfer vinyl combines quality, style, and affordability to create a symphony of creativity. With a passion and unwavering commitment to excellence, TransWonder is on a path to revolutionize the crafting world, providing creators with possibilities.


Ms. Coco, the driving force behind the TransWonders revolution, is a visionary whose creative spirit permeates every aspect of the brand. With a family heritage rooted in textile artistry, she ventured on a remarkable journey in 2009 to redefine the art of crafting vinyl.

Today TransWonder stands proudly as a testament to her passion and dedication, providing artisans with various vinyl options to transform their projects into captivating wonders.

Product line

It’s time to reimagine the crafting world with TransWonder’s Puff Vinyl collection. The collection features color varieties such as 3D, YELLOW, RED, BLUE, GOLD, indigo, and more.

Crafted meticulously, their puff vinyl boasts a sleek 0.18 thickness and 100% stretchable PU material with guaranteed durability and flexibility. Plus, eco-friendly sourcing underlines TransWonder’s commitment to both brilliance and responsibility.

But there’s more – The resilience of TransWonder Puff Vinyl is unbeatable. Wave goodbye to fading or peeling; these designs stand firm against time. The true marvel lies in the seamless layering, adding depth and life to artists’ creations. And upon heating, a unique raised 3D Puff adds a captivating dimension to their crafts.

Ease of use is the hallmark. This vinyl’s stickiness, ease of cutting, weeding, and heat transfer is unmatched for pros or hobbyists. Safety is paramount, as Transponder proudly offers an eco-friendly solution safe for all. It’s also certified by SGS and OEKO-TEX, and it’s perfect for kids’ wear.

Versatility is vital with TransWonder’s Puff Vinyl. From cotton to spandex, let artists’ imagination run wild. Design anything from tees to hats – the possibilities are endless.

Ready to transform the crafts? Follow TransWonder’s simple setting instructions for 3D brilliance. Apply with ease on various cutting machines. Upkeep is easy if artists wash it in cold water after 24 hours from crafting. They will have to use a mild detergent and tumble it dry.

TransWonder as the Go-to Solution

Precision takes a role in the TransWonder story. The meticulous cutting process becomes intuitive, attracting crafters of all skill levels and working seamlessly with die-cutting machines.

The impressive feature of TransWonder is its heat transfer vinyl technology. Designs form a partnership enduring the test of time and multiple washes showcasing the brand’s commitment to lasting quality.

Whether the users are creating tapestries or capturing minimalist puff vinyl masterpieces, TransWonder transforms weeding into an expression full of choreography.

TransWonders legacy is intertwined with Limitless Creativity. The brand’s profound dedication to empowering artists to explore the realm of imagination knows no boundaries. This commitment to exploration has established TransWonder as a pioneer in crafting puff vinyl innovations and excellence.

About TransWonder

TransWonder is a symbol of unwavering dedication to delivering excellence. By selecting materials and continuously improving their processes, they have completely redefined what it means to create high-quality heat transfer vinyl products.

TransWonder doesn’t just create products; they also prioritize practices. With certifications from organizations like OEKO and SGS, their creations reflect creativity and safety. With over twenty years of expertise in wholesale TransWonder, artistic creations will travel the world unharmed, ensuring their global condition.

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