Fairfax Immune System IV Therapy With Advanced Myers Cocktail Formula Launched

The latest launch from Gentle Wellness Center sees an expansion of its holistic, functional medical practice, delivering natural yet powerful intravenous fluid formulas into the bloodstream to boost immunity both during and in the wake of illness.

More details can be found at https://www.mygentlewellness.com/

The announcement details how IV therapy interacts with the body’s natural processes to bolster its ability to combat infection and reduce toxicity. The center is based at 12011 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway and is welcoming new clients to try its innovative treatments for a range of conditions including chronic fatigue and nutritional deficiency.

While vitamins and nutrients are vital for a healthy and fully-functioning immune system, only a fraction of the population consume enough of these from natural food sources. A weakened immune response can manifest in a variety of ways such as high stress levels, slow wound healing, stomach issues, low energy, and a predisposition to infection.

Gentle Wellness Center uses the Myers Cocktail formula to bolster the body’s immune response. This contains high doses of B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and sterile water. The intravenous delivery ensures that the body absorbs 100% of the nutrients, bypassing the digestive tract to get to work quickly.

The use of Vitamin B12 helps the body to produce white blood cells. These are essential for a fully-functioning immune response. Similarly, Vitamin C – which the body does not produce on its own – is essential to controlling inflammation. The Gentle Wellness team can tailor a bespoke blend of nutrients to meet a client’s needs, ensuring they receive an infusion that targets their symptoms and limits the risk of side effects.

In addition to IV Therapy, the center also offers acupuncture and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, alongside ozone and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. These are augmented by a range of aesthetic services including cryo-facial therapy, hair restoration, and micro-needling.

A spokesperson says, “Our integrative approach is not only customizable but also highly effective in helping you reach your beauty, body, and health goals.”

For more information, go to https://www.mygentlewellness.com/

Gentle Wellness Center
12011 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, STE 420

United States

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