Number1 with ChatGPT: how to write a professional book in 8 hour

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Word of Giacomo Bruno, author of 31 bestsellers and publisher of more than 1,000 publications

Giacomo Bruno, the publisMilano, Lombardia Apr 27, 2023 ( – her known as “the ebook father” for bringing ebooks to Italy in 2002, 9 years before Amazon and other publishers, has written his 31st book “Number1 with ChatGPT.” This time the publisher, who has surpassed 1,000 book publications by entrepreneurs and professionals, wrote his new 192-page book in just 8 hours using the ChatGPT platform.

Bruno’s 21 years of experience in publishing and writing allowed him to take full advantage of ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence to create a text that is deep, engaging, and full of personal stories. This was not a copy-and-paste operation, but an articulate and fruitful dialogue with artificial intelligence, which enabled the achievement of a high-quality result.

According to Bruno, using ChatGPT to write a book is like talking to a friend. In fact, the platform, thanks to its learning and adaptive capacity, allows for appropriate responses and supports the author’s creativity, without limiting it.

“The text is 100 percent original, but ChatGPT helped me in designing all the chapters and subchapters. I gave the topic, ChatGPT produced dozens of topic proposals for me to address.” said Giacomo Bruno “After careful selection, I defined the Summary and we started a dialogue about the content. I would give very specific guidelines, ChatGPT would give me the texts. But instead of copy & paste, I rewrote in my own words, even adding stories and anecdotes from my life, which by necessity ChatGPT could never have created. It was such a fast-paced and compelling dialogue, that after eight hours of consecutive work I was up to 192 pages.”

But caution is needed, adds Bruno “The risk is that too many people will improvise as writers with no idea how to write a professional book. Using ChatGPT as a tool for support and inspiration can be very useful, but relying completely on it could lead to texts lacking originality and personality. A good writer must have his or her own vision, authentic voice and personal experience that no artificial intelligence can replace.”

The final treat? ChatGPT’s Preface. “As I composed my paragraphs, I would return them to ChatGPT to have ChatGPT reread them both to correct any typos and to make her aware of the actual content of the book.” added Bruno “And when I finally asked her for the Preface, she sent me a perfect text, very consistent with the content and even with my writing philosophy.”

Even in curating the style of the book, Giacomo Bruno provides a secret: “Before I started, I took parts of my last book and gave them to ChatGPT to read to learn the style. He told me that I have a direct, informal, very engaging style. She noticed that I call the reader “You”. So I asked her to use the same style for the composition of the new book as well. So it was. I myself can’t distinguish between parts created from scratch by me and parts created with ChatGPT’s cue.”

Bruno’s book is a concrete example of how artificial intelligence can support human writing and creativity, enabling high-quality results in a short time.

The book “Number1 with ChatGPT” is available on Amazon:

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