Life Savers ER Offers Treatment for Common Spring Injuries in Houston, Texas

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Life Savers ER addresses common spring injuries stemming from running, gardening, and sports activities, delivering expert care by board-certified doctors across three Houston, Texas, locations.

Houston, Texas Apr 19, 2023 ( – As the spring season begins and outdoor activities gain momentum, Life Savers ER stands ready to treat the common spring injuries stemming from running, walking, gardening, and spring sports. The board-certified physicians at Life Savers ER provide expert care and diagnostic services to treat patients at three Houston locations.

Individuals often resume or intensify outdoor running and walking habits as spring arrives. However, such activities can cause harm to the knees, hips, legs, and feet, particularly for those who have reduced their activity levels during the winter months, take a break, or are transitioning from treadmill usage. Improper footwear, a sudden increase in mileage or intensity, and flawed running mechanics can contribute to running injuries like piriformis syndrome, a runner’s knee, and shin splints.

Gardening, while often considered a relaxing pastime, can stress the body considerably. Various gardening injuries, including back pain, bursitis of the knee, shoulder impingement, and inflamed joints, require professional medical attention. It is vital to seek guidance on proper techniques and equipment used to minimize the risk of gardening-related injuries.

Spring sports, including tennis, golf, baseball, track, and cross-country, can contribute to various injuries. Strains and sprains are typical spring injuries resulting from overuse, lack of stretching, or accidents on the field. These injuries can happen to any athlete, but pitchers in baseball and softball are particularly susceptible to shoulder and elbow strains. Expert care and accurate diagnoses are essential in treating these injuries, ensuring athletes can return to the field immediately.

Concussions are another common spring injury, especially for baseball and softball players who may be involved in collisions or struck by a ball. These head injuries can have severe consequences if not treated promptly and appropriately. Medical professionals well-versed in diagnosing and managing concussions are crucial in following established protocols to safeguard patients’ long-term health.

Broken bones, bone bruises, and contusions can occur in any sport, but they are more common in sports activities like baseball and softball. State-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including X-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans, are necessary to identify fractures and accurately develop personalized treatment plans for patients. Severe cases, such as protruding bones or accompanying injuries, require facilities equipped to handle these situations, ensuring patients receive the best care possible.

“Proper treatment and prevention are essential when dealing with common spring injuries,” says a Life Savers ER board-certified physician. “Gradually easing into seasonal activities, allowing the body time to adjust, using suitable equipment, staying hydrated, and protecting the skin from the sun are crucial steps in avoiding injuries. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to care for and treat these seasonal injuries.”

Life Savers ER offers comprehensive emergency care to the Houston community, with three locations in Willowbrook, Heights, and Summerwood. Life Savers ER staff dedicates themselves to helping Houston residents enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. The facility’s patient-centered approach, advanced diagnostic tools, onsite certified laboratory, and state-licensed pharmacy make it the top choice for treating common spring injuries.

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Life Savers Emergency Room is a privately run emergency clinic opened in 2015 by Dr. Foye Ikyaator to offer urgent medical attention to a variety of medical emergencies, ranging from pediatric emergency care to workplace injuries, trauma, STD testing, and even Iron IV Infusions. The clinic is managed by a team of experienced healthcare providers, dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable care to everyone, regardless of financial or ethnic background. Offering three convenient Houston emergency room locations; Willowbrook ER, Heights ER, and Summerwood ER, the Life Savers ER nurses, physicians, and staff pride themselves on their unique ability to meet and exceed each patient’s needs and expectations. The professionals at the clinic understand what it means to visit an ER and their goal is to make the patient experience as seamless and comfortable as possible while offering high-quality and reliable medical attention. Life Savers 24-Hour Emergency Room can handle life-threatening and serious conditions quickly.

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