Progressive Exercises For Pull-Up Beginners, Workout Progression Guide Released

Fitness Fahrenheit’s new guide recommends some exercises people can do to improve the body parts used in the pull-up movement. Some of these exercises include dead hangs, assisted pull-ups, and bodyweight rows.

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A pull-up is a difficult exercise to execute. It involves hanging from a bar fully extended, pulling the body up so the chin is above the hands, and then lowering back down to the starting position. When done correctly, it works out the biceps brachii, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, infraspinatus, brachialis, and teres major.

The difficulty of the exercise, however, prevents beginners from achieving multiple repetitions (reps), which are needed to build muscles.

According to the guide, there are a few exercises people can do to increase their pull-up rep count. One simple exercise is the dead hang, which is effectively the starting position for a pull-up. This exercise trains the person’s grip by getting them used to holding up their body’s weight. Fitness Fahrenheit recommends trying to hang for 10 seconds with minimal swinging to start and then increasing the time hanging in intervals from there.

To further fortify grip strength, Fitness Fahrenheit suggests trying a hand gripper. “Hand grippers work a lot of the vital body parts involved in a pull-up, such as the fingers, palms, wrists, and forearms,” said a spokesperson for the website. “They are also much more accessible and affordable than other gym equipment. Deadlifts and farmer’s walks can also help develop grip strength.”

Because a pull-up relies heavily on the back, arms, and core, Fitness Fahrenheit also recommends people work these areas out at least twice every week. Machine seated rows, barbell and dumbbell rows, machine lat pull downs, back extensions, and reverse machine flies are all effective exercises for building these areas.

Lastly, Fitness Fahrenheit notes that people can ease themselves into doing a pull-up by trying an assisted pull-up first. This exercise is intended to simulate a pull-up while removing the strain of the body’s weight. It can be completed with the help of a machine or a resistance band.

“Pull-ups have always been the bane of my exercise existence,” said a satisfied reader. “When I started I couldn’t even do one. Now, after some targeted development, I can do 10 with relative ease, and I’m hoping to keep that number increasing. Fitness Fahrenheit’s tips really helped me out a lot.”

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