Hope-Centric Emotional Intelligence Curriculum For Middle Schools Updated

The company aims to use this updated curriculum to provide educators with a structured format for teaching middle schoolers how to use hopeful, positive thinking to improve their academic performance. Among other things, the curriculum, called “My Best Me”, teaches students how to understand and effectively manage their stress and emotions to optimize their classroom interactions, relationships, and learning capacity.

Interested parties can learn more at https://hoperisingedu.com/sample-text/

The new comprehensive emotional intelligence curriculum can be incorporated into the school’s primary programming in one-hour blocks each week, or as the directors see fit. The middle school version of the “My Best Me” curriculum comes with an age and grade-appropriate student text, as well as a corresponding teacher guide.

The rates of depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behaviors see a remarkable increase during the peak pubescent years, according to recent neurological studies. This increase is linked to the flood of developmental hormones the body undergoes during this time. Because of this intense formative transition the mind and body endure during puberty, building a solid foundation of personal identity, confidence, and empathy is particularly important for middle schoolers.

While the lessons in “My Best Me” can be reorganized to fit a teacher’s primary curriculum, the middle school student text begins by encouraging students to consider their identity, personality, and character qualities. This section teaches students to appreciate their unique minds and bodies and to set goals that speak to their individual strengths.

In addition to the section on identity, “My Best Me” teaches students how to maintain their emotional, physical, and mental health, the importance of community, their relationship with the natural environment, and finally, economics and financial literacy. The curriculum centers hope in all of these sections, encouraging students to use positive thinking and hope-based behaviors to understand themselves, connect with others, and achieve the future they desire.

About Hope Rising

With its award-winning emotional intelligence curriculum, “My Best Me”, Hope Rising strives to bring the power and science of hope into K-12 classrooms around the world. The company’s team collectively has decades-worth of professional experience in the education and non-profit sectors and uses this to provide hope-centric support for students, faculty members, and education directors alike.

“Infusing skills to learn to hope in our Emotional Intelligence curriculum encourages students to work toward a better tomorrow,” said one spokesperson for the company. “When educators teach Emotional Intelligence along with strategies to nurture hope, the impact is felt beyond the classroom. Higher hope equates to academic improvement, emotional livelihood, and thriving teachers.”

Interested parties can learn more and preview Hope Rising’s educational materials by visiting https://hoperisingedu.com/sample-text/

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