Frisco OSA Sleep Study Lab Diagnosis For Disorder Diagnosis: Treatment Updated

The practice now uses cone-beam computed tomography to assist in identifying OSA cases, with the potential for more detailed observations in a sleep lab than made possible. Clients are also offered additional OSA treatment options, with some of the latest oral appliance designs now available.

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Millennium Smiles explains that rates for diagnosis and treatment of OSA are still comparatively low, and the enhanced services are designed to address this health concern. While the practice continues to offer effective treatments with CPAP devices, the introduction of new oral appliance designs offers a comfortable and reliable alternative.

While obstructive sleep apnea is often associated with snoring, several other symptoms may also be experienced. These can include poor or restless sleep, frequent awakenings, daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating, or learning problems and pseudo-ADHD in children.

Now offering several additional treatment options, Millennium Smiles aims to prevent some of the more serious long-term health issues that can result from night-time breathing difficulties. Oral appliances are now custom-fitted using a mold of patients’ teeth and are designed to address specific causes of OSA, such as holding the tongue forward or repositioning the jaw.

“While CPAP has been used to treat sleep apnea for decades to great effect, many people have difficulty using it,” a clinic representative explained. “Millennium Smiles now uses higher quality oral appliances that are adjustable over time, more comfortable, and more reliable. It may take two or more appointments to get the fit right, but patients usually experience much greater relief from symptoms.”

One of the most advanced dental clinics in the wider Frisco region, Millennium Smiles aims to combine cutting-edge technology with a focus on client comfort and well-being. In addition to OSA, the practice offers specialized therapy for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, along with the latest dental implant approaches.

“I was impressed during my first visit to Millennium Smiles, and I’ve been continually impressed ever since,” one client recently stated. “Dr. Korous and her staff have a passion for helping their clients receive the best result possible while keeping them comfortable and happy. I received 6 implants and an overdenture on my lower jaw, and I’m super happy with my smile”

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