London Knee Disability Arthrosamid Injection For Flexibility: Treatment Launched

Operating as a fully private medical center, the London Cartilage Clinic is able to offer advanced surgical and regenerative procedures that are not available yet through the public healthcare system, including the recently expanded Arthrosamid injections for knee injuries.

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Founded by Prof. Paul Lee, the clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, scientists, physiotherapists, and surgeons, with a focus on providing the most advanced cartilage care available. While the clinic offers a full range of treatments for the most common cartilage-related issues, Arthrosamid injections have gained recent attention as a potential permanent solution.

While knee injections for conditions such as osteoarthritis are considered standard treatment, there are several options available, with each type having its own benefits and drawbacks. The London Cartilage Clinic works individually with each client to find the right solution for them, from a wide range of surgical, non-surgical, and regenerative techniques.

By offering Arthrosamid injections, the London Cartilage Clinic can provide a potentially permanent solution to a problem that is often considered incurable. This is because, while standard knee injections are slowly absorbed by a client’s body, Arthrosamid is entirely non-biodegradable, and in some cases, may become an integrated part of the soft synovial tissue, providing long-lasting relief.

Arthrosamid has gone through extensive clinical trials over the last two decades and has been found to have minimal, temporary side effects, if any. The most commonly reported negative effect was a mild-to-moderate pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site, which fades within the first few days.

Clients who have already received cartilage treatments may still be ideal candidates for Arthrosamid injections, since most typical treatments work in between the joint, while Arthrosamid works in the joint lining.

A spokesperson explained, “[Arthrosamid] is 97.5% water with 2.5% being a cross-linked polyacrylamide backbone… When injected into the knee, Arthrosamid cushions the joint in a different way in comparison to standard injections and reduces pain. It works on the synovium and reduces inflammation, providing safe and sustained relief, all with one injection.”

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