March 25, 2023

AgelessRx Launches New NAD+ Informational Video

NAD+ is essential for slowing down aging and preventing many of its symptoms. Increasing NAD+ levels at home is now possible using a number of practical options. To explain these options and the importance of NAD+, AgelessRx has released an informational video on this topic. NAD+ is a crucial cofactor that is present in all living things, from the most basic species like bacteria to the most sophisticated ones like humans. NAD+ is thought to have a role in over 300 cellular functions, including DNA repair, cellular health regulation, and energy production. NAD+ can be compared to a molecular Robin Hood when it comes to energy generation since it offers starving mitochondria electrons and protons that it steals from energy-rich molecules so they can carry out their essential function as the “powerhouse of the cell.” By middle age, people have roughly half the NAD they did in their 20s, according to research, and this has an impact on the critical pathways that contribute to longevity.

Much useful information is available in this new video and educating the public on topics like this is a very important mission for the AgelessRx staff. This NAD+ informational video is now available and discusses NAD+ levels gradually decreasing as people age. Lifestyle decisions can also have an impact on NAD+ decrease. For those who enjoy a drink or have a sweet tooth, studies suggest that excessive alcohol use, overeating, and UV exposure can all hasten the loss of NAD+. Restoring NAD+ to youthful levels has been demonstrated in a number of studies in animal models to guard against age-related declines in mitochondrial function, muscle regeneration, insulin sensitivity, and more.

AgelessRx considers that instead of treating aging as a terrible inevitability, it should instead be seen as an issue that can be resolved and a battle worth fighting, just like an illness with treatment. But up until recently, the best, most potent longevity medicines were only available to a very small number of individuals. They are here to remedy that. Because if just a small number of people have access, what good is all the advancement in longevity research and treatments? This belief resulted in the launch of AgelessRx.

About AgelessRx

AgelessRx is an online telemedicine clinic that specializes in anti-aging therapies. Their longevity treatments help to slow down the accumulation of aging-related damage through their online platform that services clients in all 50 states. AgelessRx provides a better alternative to traditional anti-aging clinics. Their ability for patients to get doctor-assisted care and personally prescribed products from the comfort of their home has eliminated the geographical constraints of finding a convenient anti-aging clinic.

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