March 26, 2023

Best French Foreign Language Homestay Study Abroad Immersion Linguistic Program

Learning a new language is one of the most powerful skills one can attain, and when considering a language immersion program as an opportunity to improve one’s French, one should definitely consider a homestay foreign language immersion program. A homestay is a type of foreign language immersion program wherein a student lives with a host family and studies their native language for a set period of time, often a few weeks to a few months. There are many benefits to students who participate in an authentic homestay program: They quickly become fluent in the host family’s native tongue, build relationships with locals from different backgrounds, make friends from other countries, and learn about their customs and culture.

A French homestay foreign language immersion program is perfect for those who are already fairly proficient in another language, such as English or Spanish, and who want to quickly develop their French language proficiency.

Eurolingua is one of the most successful and acclaimed French Homestay Foreign Language Immersion programs in the world. They offer homestays that range from just a week 4+ weeks. Founded in 1993, the Eurolingua Institute teaches languages worldwide through the use of immersive homestays, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. Current rates are locked in at their low prices if booked before September 30th, so the best time to plan a homestay French Language immersion vacation is right now. Visit for more information or to plan a homestay. Eurolingua’s French Homestay locations include France, Egypt, Switzerland, Canada, and the French Caribbean. Free resources below. Lock in the best rates possible by registering by September 30th.

Homestay programs come with a vast array of benefits, including rapid learning and mastery of the language into which one is immersed, as well as a deepening of culture as one is immersed in the local life and traditions of vastly different areas of the world.

What to Expect from a French Homestay Program

Choosing to participate in a Eurolingua French homestay program for foreign language immersion allows the student or students to be able to live with a host family for a set period of time. They will live under the same roof as the host family and usually eat with them at least one meal per day, often every meal. In most cases, they will also attend classes at a local university or private language school alongside host family members. This way, they can integrate into the host family’s daily life while also receiving language instruction in a classroom environment. Students also have the opportunity to travel to other cities in France and visit museums, landmarks, and other tourist attractions. Participating in these activities is a great way to learn more about the French language and culture, as well as meet other students who are also participating in a homestay program.

Cultural Immersion

Eurolingua French Language immersion programs are designed for students to improve their proficiency in a new language by immersing themselves in their host family’s native tongue. While participating in a Eurolingua French homestay program, students will be able to practice their French language skills on a daily basis. Homestay programs typically last for about one semester, which means students have ample opportunity to improve their French language skills. Homestay host family members will likely be willing and eager to help students develop language skills and assist them in getting more fluent in their language. Students may even be invited to attend family outings and activities, where they can practice the French language in a more informal social setting.

Rapid Language & Academic Improvement

Those who participate in a French homestay program and work with a language coach will likely achieve a high level of fluency in the French language in a greatly condensed time. Often one can gain in 4 weeks an amount of skill that many students have not developed after 2 years of mere classroom study. Those who are already fairly proficient in another language, such as English or Spanish, will quickly become fluent in French once they begin participating in a homestay program. Being fluent in French and being able to communicate in the language with ease can make it easier to apply for jobs and find employment in French-speaking areas.

Raving Fans

Eurolingua has raving reviews from many of the students who have gone through their French Homestay Programs. One reviewer, Alison, shared these thoughts: “My two week homestay in Bordeaux was terrific. Collette was extremely welcoming and easy-going. She made me feel right at home from the start. My suitcase was delayed, and she was extremely helpful in sorting out that problem. She is very professional and had already drawn up a well-thought out programme of teaching and activities, which we discussed the first morning. She has a Master’s in teaching French as a second language and tailored the teaching to my specific needs. She introduced me to her family and friends, and we went on many outings together, far more than the minimum requirement. Bordeaux is a fascinating city. My stay was truly total immersion. I am much more confident in my French and had a lot of fun at the same time. I gained much more confidence in speaking French through this programme.”

Eurolingua also makes it easy to begin learning French with a free and engaging group for business professionals on LinkedIN, which can be joined here: They also have a Facebook group for French Language Study Abroad here:

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