March 22, 2023

New service explodes website lead generation while skyrocketing quality up to 5X

Earlier today, Quality Lead Multiplier announced the launch of it’s done for you service Quality Lead Multiplier Configurator, its new SAAS Based Software set to change lead generation for local service businesses worldwide.. For any business needing to rethink or improve their lead generation, a Lead Quality Generation Configurator may be the long term answer.

Currently, most businesses have been taught to accept that lead costs are constantly increasing, while lead quality drops dramatically, and are told that is just the way business goes due to increased competition, both in the paid advertising market and SEO. This is not the way we see things, and our customers agree-we have over a 90%+ retention rate. Why? Simple-our service makes our clients a lot of money, and the ROI continues to increase monthly..

The VP of Customer Satisfaction at Quality Lead Multiplier, Leo Watson, makes a point of saying “things are going to change when Quality Lead Multiplier is on 20% of local business websites, as those fortunate enough to have a Configurator on their website will never go back to the old way of “if business is slow, buy more ads, or pay for more leads.. That is a broken model that only benefits advertising companies. and ad agencies-not anymore.”

Leo Watson continues… “Where you’ll always see our competitors doing the same old tired website designs that potential clients have become blind to, we show those businesses a different, more cost effective way to drive lead volume and quality. “

There are 2 main issues businesses needing lead services currently have-number of leads, and quality of leads. The more you want to improve or increase either one, the more expensive those leads become in the old paradigm.

We solve both issues by using your existing traffic to maximize conversions without having to increase traffic. Some of our clients are going from 10 leads a month, to as many as 86-with no adspend or Google ads increase, saving them thousands of dollars monthly. Seversal current clients have seen as much as a 306% increase in leads and appointments using only existing website traffic.

Additionally, the lead quality is stellar. Unlike most form based leads that get anywhere from 3-7 pieces of client information, our explosive system gets 21 points of user provided information, including budget-that is why business owners and sales teams LOVE our service-not only MORE leads , but MUCH higher quality leads, leading to skyrocketing ROI from other past paid advertising or SEO efforts from the business..

We created the Quality Lead Multiplier Configurator because we believe that the current model of lead generation only benefits big advertising providers and marketing agencies. Their answer always is “if you need more leads-buy more traffic”. We know that is wrong, and can prove it. If your website is poor at converting traffic ALREADY coming to your website, whether paid or search, -why spend more money, when 95% or more is being thrown away? It is very difficult to fill a leaky bucker, and if a local business website is losing 90% or more of it’s visitors to competitors, we can help them fix that leaky bucket and immediately turn poor website results into an astounding successful lead generation campaign that blows current lead quality and volume out of the water, increasing sales.

Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to our clients because If your company is getting 1000 website visits monthly, and you get 50 leads from that-which is the average conversion rate for local businesses-what happened to the OTHER 950 people? They wanted your type of service, or they would not be there-so why did they not set an appointment or leave their information? The answer is-they probably did, but with your competitors, not you.

Think about it-if a business could go from 5% of traffic converting – even as poor leads, to 10% or 15%-with the same amount of traffic. How would that change a small business marketing plan? Now imagine up to 21 point leads, as opposed to 2, 3, or even 5. What will be the sales closing rate with the highest quality of lead available? The reason owners and sales teams love the Quality Lead Multiplier Configurator is simple math-better leads equals less time wasted, meaning more and better sales efforts and ROI.

Quality Lead Multiplier Configurators have been rolled out in Australia and are getting stellar results. Our DFY Configurators, designed by a team of 32 conversion and programming experts individually for each client, are now rolling out in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. The initial sites being given priority are: roofing companies, flooring, solar, cosmetic surgeons, window contractors, and IT and MSP specialists, although we also have 42 more niches designed and beginning to go live. We are also designing for several large insurance specialists, as well as numerous B2B lead generation needs. If a business website is only converting at 1-11% and that business wants to skyrocket lead quality and quantity, contact us for a free consultation and Quality Lead Multiplier Configurator walkthrough today.

Once again, Quality Lead Multiplier Configurator is rolling out now. To find out more, the place to visit is

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