May 21, 2022

This Company’s Avg FBA Store Makes Nearly [663%] More Than The Average Seller…

There are a total of 9.5 million Amazon sellers globally, and a little more than 50%(4.75m) of them, average ~ $7800 per month in sales (revenue).

This breaks down to $93,600 in sales and if their average profit margin is 20%, that means the average store profit’s $18,720 per year.

A company that has recently come into the spotlight is called Click Profit, who launched a program known as FBALaunch back in 2020.

For those of you who don’t know, they are an ecommerce consulting company that runs three of their own massively successful ecommerce stores. In 2020, they did just over $25,000,000 in sales across 3 of their core stores.

Back in 2020, as they were dominating the industry, they decided to partner with entrepreneurs/investors. People who wanted to get a piece of the rapidly growing industry without having to deal with any of the day-to-day operations.

That’s when FBALaunch came to fruition! Well fast forward to today, they just completed their annual review of all the stores they run on the behalf of clients.

They broke down the data into 3 pieces, the average store, bottom 20% and top 20%. Here is the data they collected from the 118 stores…

Top 20%:

â?’ $902,851.88 (Revenue)

â?’ $288,912.60 (Profit)

Average store:

â?’ $446,509.56 (Revenue)

â?’ $142,883.05 (Profit)

Bottom 20%:

â?’ $110,468.93 (Revenue)

â?’ $34,242.69 (Profit)

One thing to also note, since launching this program they have created 19+ $1,000,000 stores (7 of them in 2021 alone). All on the behalf of their clients.

If you look at the average of their worst-performing stores(bottom 20%), you would see they still profited 82.9% more than the average Amazon seller.

Almost 2x what the average seller makes while selling on Amazon.

So what is their secret you may be wondering…

When we talked with the 3 co-founders they simply said, “the team, software, and systems”.

They personally believe that they have the best team, software, and systems that speak for themselves.

Although they didn’t go in-depth about their “secrets”, they did prove to us why they have been so successful.

They said, “we have brought everything in-house, to simplify our systems and increase our overall profit margin by cutting unnecessary costs…..we aren’t some massive fortune 500 with 1,000’s of employees so we can only partner with 25 people per quarter”.

They went on to say, “we know our limits and what it takes in terms of time and effort to launch an FBA store and are against bringing on clients until the others are profitable.”

If you would like to become one of their next partners you can click here.

We’re excited to keep track and see what this company will be in 5 years from now!

Click Profit LLC
Click Profit LLC
394 Lowell Street
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