August 19, 2022

Tallasshee FL Business Coaching/Mentoring For Farm Equipment Dealership Expanded

According to trusted business executive coach, Floyd Jerkins, leadership is a dynamic and ever-changing skill. It requires a leader to adapt to the ever-changing times – including investing in the strengthened executive coaching offered at Jerkins’ company.

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As part of the updated one-on-one coaching, owners are taught the value of self-awareness and motivation. Leaders often believe that their goal is to dictate ideas to their team members; believing that they should be “right” all the time. However, Jerkins argues that the core of leadership is to facilitate growth in their members by becoming self-aware and motivated.

In a recent study, it was found that only 10% of the population is actually self-aware. The skill, which describes the knowledge and understanding of the past, is often plagued with the fascination of the question, “why”. Jerkins explains that one danger in self-awareness is always asking the question “why”. Instead, he encourages his students to question “what”.

He clarifies that asking “why”, such as in the statement “Why is my team so inefficient?”, can cause the leader to spiral down a rabbit hole that is focused entirely on the past. By shifting perception to “what”, such as “What can I do to make my team more inspired”?”, leaders then look to the future and change their executive style.

This is one of many lessons taught in his executive coaching. Here, Farm Equipment Dealership owners learn how to become strong leaders and drive sales. They are taught invaluable lessons on working with and training their team so that groups work more efficiently and internal processes are optimized.

Floyd has recently released a YouTube Video discussing the evolution of dealers ownership which can be found here:

Jerkins writes, “Many executives and high achievers have leadership qualities, but it’s not something that comes naturally. Leaders are trained and coached to become the best they can be. Each person has a unique learning style so I custom design the solutions to fit the person to bring out your full potential. My style is both educational and motivational so learning is engaging.”

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