Koro’s decentralized mining is about to debut in pancakeswap

The U.S. blockchain R & D team sky brings together global investment banking elites and financial

leaders to jointly build the world’s first Turing complete protocol defi + NFT + metauniverse

decentralized trading platform on the BSC chain with it technology giants and blockchain masters.

On September 16, 2021, the representative Ralph Taylor answered the reporter’s questions about

Koro’s launch of pancakeswap in Colorado, the United States. He said that in recent years, with

the development of blockchain technology and the iterative updating of technology, many

high-quality blockchain projects have emerged in the market, and defi is the most eye-catching.

The birth of Koro not only solves the problem of mutual trust, At the same time, more global

nodes benefit from the project and retain the right to vote, so that nodes can enjoy the dividends

in the project and share profits continuously. Koro ensures the interests of new users and

implements the gold standard computing power model to avoid new depth and ensure that

nodes and users are at the same starting line, At the same time, it is promised that the team will

spare no effort to establish a new blockchain project, Koro, attract more blockchain enthusiasts

from all over the world, and create rich returns for nodes and preachers. The team will spare no

effort to increase investment in technology update and ecological R & D, and provide the most

powerful technical support for Koro’s development and progress, Make a good start for the later

ecological development.

Nick back, a blockchain expert in Colorado, recalled

that he missed the wave of blockchain and regretted

it! The blockchain center will be established in the

science and technology city of Colorado, and plans to

cultivate a large number of scientific and

technological talents to meet the market demand. It

is hoped that more high-quality blockchain projects will appear in the world, so that the

blockchain can serve people who understand blockchain technology and need blockchain

technology. Within the ecosystem, more blockchain talents will also be trained to benefit the

development of blockchain technology in the United States and even the world. Sky technical

team members have rich R & D and operation experience in the field of digital currency. Team

members are from early digital currency investors and blockchain technology researchers. Koro’s

high-quality communities at home and abroad have reached strategic cooperation, and will

cooperate with the cooperative communities in ecological construction, consensus promotion,

user growth and other aspects, so as to provide Koro with strong promotion and brand building


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