NftList’s next unicorn platform in the NFT field

With the gradual maturity of blockchain technology and the popularity of DEFI, people are increasingly aware that blockchain is no longer limited to the anonymous payment application of Bitcoin, but has a wider range of ecological applications. Blockchain is not so much a technological innovation, as it is an innovation in people’s understanding of a platform. The platform built based on the concept of decentralization has better security and longevity, and the Non-fungible tokens extended from this concept technically realize the copyright confirmation of digital assets, which directly allows blockchain applications from The previous financial field directly extended to more fields, especially the copyright of digital artwork was confirmed by NFT, which set off an investment boom in NFT artwork and projects.

Driven by this NFT boom, NFT assets have risen even more, and many projects have gained more than ten times or even hundreds of times in just a few months. This has caused many investors to invest in NFT projects, but they suffer from inaccessible early high-quality potential projects. They participate in the investment at low prices during the incubation period of the project to obtain higher returns. There are also many creators of NFT artworks, but due to insufficient funds and resources, they cannot realize their good ideas into NFT projects. Even if they barely create them, they cannot find an audience to buy them. It is this kind of strong demand from both NFT project parties and investors that gave birth to the world’s first NFT early-bird investment and financing incubation platform NftList. NftList is committed to helping the supply and demand parties of the NFT project establish connections, thereby promoting the perfect development of the industrial ecology. It is an indispensable part of the industry ecology after the development of NFT to a certain stage.

NftList will publicly display the new NFT projects in the early planning that meet the standards on the platform, so that early investors can decide whether to participate in crowdfunding support; and provide early investors with compliance due diligence, KYC and other services, so that the project party can judge investment Whether the person is qualified; it will also provide data and analysis tools for the project party to facilitate the NFT issuer to judge the future sales of the product and the public’s acceptance. The emergence of NftList gives ordinary investors the opportunity to participate in the early bird period of high-quality NFT projects, and gives participants the opportunity to obtain high-yield projects in the primary market. At the same time, with its professionalism and abundant resources in the NFT field, the platform also selects early high-quality projects for ordinary investors, so as to ensure the controllability of risks and the rate of return of NFT projects participating in NftList.

NftList platform token is referred to as NTS, with a constant issuance: 90 million. First, the DAPP application is developed based on the Binance Smart Chain BSC, and then it will be deployed simultaneously on the five public chains of ETH, TORN, HECO, and Okex. Holding NTS tokens has multiple benefits such as governance, pledge, participation, dividends, and airdrop rights. It is a rare value potential currency among many blockchain projects. It is understood that the NftList platform will conduct private equity bidding activities for NTS nodes around the world in the near future, and will open DIFE mining pool construction and community ecological promotion. As the world’s first NFT early stage fundraising platform, NftList, with its first-mover traffic advantage, is hopeful to control more than 50% of the NFT project incubation market share and become a leader in the industry. NftList will be the next blockchain unicorn platform in the NFT field after uniswap in the DEX field and IPFS in the distributed storage field. Are you ready to witness the arrival of this day with NftList?

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