October 1, 2022

Melbourne HVAC Services Provides Quarantine Tips to Australians

The pandemic brought about many challenges that are both stressful and overwhelming. Public health actions like social distancing are vital in curbing the spread of the coronavirus, but they make people feel isolated and lonely and increase anxiety and stress.

Quarantine Tips to improve air quality and reduce stress

1. Control Humidity

Humidity is the culprit responsible for many respiratory issues. Influenza and pneumonia mortality rates increase during periods of low humidity or cold. Increasing humidity when it is cold can make it easier for people with allergies or asthma to breathe.

Before switching on the humidifier, people should make sure that the humidifier is clean. The mist from a dirty humidifier will either trigger or worsen symptoms of asthma and other allergy symptoms. Those who have stayed for years before getting their humidifier inspected should also check for leaks and resulting molds, mildew, and other damages. Melbourne HVAC Services have home heating, cooling, and refrigeration experts that are happy to provide a customized quote and get the job done within a day.

People who are not lucky to have a humidifier installed in their homes should balance humidity by opening windows when it is nice outside to let in the fresh air. Spending some minutes outdoors enjoying the sun and fresh air when the weather is okay can also help reduce stress.

2. Replace AC Air Filters

Gas leaks and contaminants brought in from outdoors by pets can affect indoor air quality. Older homes have asbestos and lead particles that affect air quality and damage lungs. These particles are the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Air conditioning systems give homeowners perfect indoor temperatures throughout the year. They do this by recycling through all air, and in the process, they filter out air pollutants. After running for some years, air filters fill up and stop being effective. That affects indoor air quality and puts people at risk of respiratory diseases. To avoid all this, homeowners should change AC air filters regularly or sign up for a regular air conditioning service plan at Melbourne HVAC Services that include filter change.

AC air filters are not the only thing working to keep the indoor air clean. People should also check air filters in other appliances, such as kitchen vents, clothes dryers, and vacuum cleaners. Clean these filters after every few months.

3. Clean carpets and rugs

Cleaning carpets and rugs can help increase air quality. Carpets act as a filter as it traps dust and other particles in their fibers. Viruses and bacteria attach themselves to the surface of the carpets as people cough. For the case of COVID-19, the coronavirus can survive on carpets for up to 12 days.

To remove bacteria and viruses from carpets, they need to be professionally steam cleaned. Homeowners that have pets and younger children should get their carpets professionally cleaned after every three months. Carpets and rugs should be vacuum cleaned weekly.

Melbourne HVAC Services have a team of AC technicians and electricians who are all licensed. To get a list of services the company offers and a customized quotation, visit www.melbournehvacservices.com.au or call 1300 AIRCON (1300 247 266).

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